Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Boston Cream Pie

Never mind that this cake has an identity crisis (it's not a pie at all!), it's one of my favourite cakes of all time. Well, I think I'm just in love with pastry cream, so anything that comes with it is a dream come true.

The first time I made this cake was in the form of cupcakes - read about it here. Since then, I had been dreaming to make this in a cake form, with scattered berries on top for a juicy summery feel to it.

Let's just say, my love has only grown for this sponge cake layered with crème pâtissière and topped with chocolate ganache!

This recipe was from Martha Stewarts's Cupcakes book. You may also get the recipe here.


  1. Shahieda: ooopppsss sorry dear!! btw, it's about just another hour for me :)

  2. You can't imagine what this is doing to me - I still have 4 hours to go before we break fast!
    I love Boston Cream Pie anything, and this looks just amazing. I'd love to try it out in cupcake form.

  3. Hehehehe, I hope you had a good first day of Ramadhaan my dear :)