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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello I'm back!

Hello there! Those of you reading...I'm back after a hiatus. Things happen... life got in the way, so blogging took a back seat! Can't say I don't miss blogging though!

I leave you with some photos taken since the last time I was here. There are many more bakes which did not have the opportunity to pose for the camera...there just wasn't enough time for photo shoots! And then I thought I had misplaced my micro lens...but recently found it in my daughter's handbag!!

So I shall leave you with these - the macaron tower above was for a hantaran. A customer liked it so much that she asked me to replicate it for her Eid open house (below).

Macarons and more macarons...these photos are the decent ones. Most of the time I bake at night and the lighting is terrible, so I chose not to post them here hehe...

These ones below were taken in the afternoon. Natural light is always the best!

I received quite a lot of carrot cake orders for are two of them...

And below, macarons photos taken in the evening. No amount of photoshopping will rectify the bad lighting! arrrghhh...

Till then... write you soon!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Red Velvet and Double Chocolate Macarons

I love the stark contrast of the bright red and white of these Red Relvet macarons. Don't you?

With just a hint of cocoa and deep red colouring for the shells, with luscious cream cheese filling, these red velvet macarons are a show-stopper!! Definitely not for the faint-hearted!

Below are some Double Chocolate macarons, a favourite among many (my fav too!)

Macs oh! macs... can't live with them, can't live without them! :D

Thursday, July 28, 2011

This and that...

Been doing a lot of French meringue macarons lately. The thing about my French mac; they are always grainy! I wish they aren't but those who are prefer them don't mind at all. The yellow, chocolate and hazelnut macs were a birthday gift!

And then there's Red Velvet again! Two RVs were ordered, referred to me by Kitchen Guardian - thanks, Yani! Two of the same three-layer RVs to indulge in for an office party.

Yes, I'm in love with French meringue macarons again! And I love it when the bottom doesn't stick to the baking paper! Makes life so much easier!

And below is to me one of the best tasting cakes that I bake - Boston Cream Pie - sponge cake with French pastry cream and chocolate ganache (yes, it's a cake with an identity crisis!) Thanks Soraya for ordering this and thanks for your understanding - the cake layers moved out of its place! I'm glad you think its yummy nevertheless... I sakit perot already ya know!! Next time no more three layers...just two!

 And more French macarons...

I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend y'all!

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Yes, untitled. Well, actually this blog post has a title. It's titled 'Untitled'. Hmmm...I think I really have no more creative juice left in me whatsoever..not a single drop! But blog I must coz I have pictures to show and stories to share!

By the way, the photo above is actually of my macaron shells rejects! They did not make the cut - either too small, no same-coloured pair, total lop-sided on one side (redundant?) or burned at the bottom. I was arranging them in the 'rejects' container and thought they actually look good together!

And below are those which made the cut... and as usual, they are not quite perfect either! :-)

Well, in the quest of macaron perfection, I purchased these Mastrad macaron baking sheets below from Bisous À Toi via Kitchen Guardian. Oh! how I dreamed of perfect looking, same-sized macarons!! All my macaron worries would be over, I told myself...when I get my hands on these babies! Then reality checked in and I knew that macaronnage is the most important thing in macaron-making... still I wanted these! And so on Wednesday night I went to collect these from my mac buddy, the Kitchen Guardian (more than the guardian of her kitchen, she is the epitome of a superwoman to me!) Read her post on this here.

What do you know, my macarons stuck to the silicone sheets and I had the shortest feet ever! I am not blaming the sheets, though...I just need to get used to using silicone sheets. I don't own any Silpat, the non-stick baking mat and have always relied on the trusty Tesco brand baking paper. Mastrad oh Mastrad... I hope it won't be a long and stressful relationship between the two of us! He he!! But despaired I am not!

left; the piped mac batter. right; baked macarons...short feet and their bottoms stuck to the sheets!

Well, not only was I excited to collect my Mastrads from KG the other night, I was also looking forward to these... the KitchenCraft kitchen thermometer which KG so kindly bought for me as a gift and...

...this Jill Colonna book, Mad about Macarons!! Aaaah...I can't put the book many recipes, so many photos to drool over!! Thank you Yani!! XOXO!!

And oh boy! am I excited about finishing up my MAD bakes...two more weeks and I'm free as a bird!! That ought to give me back my creative juices!! :P Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Strawberry Tarts, Red Velvet and Macarons...among others!

After days of being sick, and mom hospitalised...and need I mention some drama at the office (hmmmm...) I needed something to cheer me up! And what better way than to publish some colourful photos of my recent bakes! To those of you who have emailed for MAD redemption... I will slot you in, I just did not have the time nor energy to reply to all your emails! but worry not ok!

And to those whom I have re-scheduled their pick-ups due to me having to attend to mom in the hospital over last weekend, thank you very much for your understanding and kind prayers! Alhamdulillah...praise to the AlMighty, she has undergone the much needed heart procedure successfully 2 days ago and is recovering.

These strawberry tarts were made with recipe adapted from Dorie Greenspan. I can't live without Ms Greenspan's lovely recipes in Baking: From My Home To Yours. Get the book, get the book!! The same customer also ordered some Red Velvet cupcakes. Lined up together in a box, they complement each other!

And of course, some (not-quite-perfect) macarons again...macam tak ada modal lain! haha!!

Here's to better days ahead!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Macarons again!

Time flies when it's the weekend! Back to the grind again tomorrow, but for now I'm enjoying what's left of my Sunday evening!

I'm scrambling for words to type, so let's just look at 'em pictures of my less than perfect macarons! Have a great week ahead y'all!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A little bit of everything...

I miss baking for pleasure! Yup, that's the sentiment of the day! Ever since the MAD deal, I have been baking crazy every weekend, and left me with little time to try out new recipes and bake at my own pace. But I really shouldn't complain for I've met some wonderful people through MAD and look forward to meeting more till end of July - that's when the redemption period ends. I can't wait, though! My daughter is sitting for a national-level exam in September and already this week she is sitting for her Junior School Leaving Assessment trials. I gotta spend more time with her rather than my oven!

The MAD deal has also opened up other doors for me. Similar online group-discount-buying companies have approached me, including Group*n and D*al4Re*l. There's no thinking twice about it, I just have to say no for now. I am rather flattered to be approached though, so thank you for the interest!

Enough are some photos taken recently. And really, I have NOT been taking much photos of my macarons. I feel rather sick looking at macarons these days hahaha!!

Here are some French macarons...they are rather grainy. The ground almonds from my baking supplies shop have been really grainy lately. But some tells me they simply adore the rustic effect!! To each his/her own! I must say, the grainy effect does not affect the fact, I think the texture makes it more tasty!

I like lining up the macs in six - that's the amount of macs in a box for the MAD deal. These are not yet filled.

There have also been requests for Red Velvet cake. I love tall cakes and so that's what I bake! Three layers of velvety-smooth moist cake with layers of cream cheese!

And I've been making quite a bit of sushi rolls these days. The kids love them and they're super easy, not to mention super fast to make!

I'm no sushi expert, but the rolls are called makizushi and the cone-shaped ones are temakizushi. Someone correct me if I'm wrong! I learned to make these simple sushi rolls from a roomie from college who had a Japanese boyfriend!

I filled the them up with tempura shrimp and chicken strips and cucumber! These I've been making out of memory since eons ago. Cook some Japanese rice and then flavour them with some vinegar and a little bit of sugar. Place the nori sheets (seaweed) on the bamboo mat and spread and flatten the rice. Fill strips of condiments of your choice and roll them up before cutting them horizontally. Try them out!

Oh of course, I just gotta have my sushi with wasabi! Got a tube of Japanese wasabi from my neighbourhood Korean store.

Ok, from Japan we move to America! Below is a Strawberry Shortcake I made awhile ago. Found these photos in one of my folders - they are Martha's recipe. But instead of topping them off with whipped cream, I made lemon glaze. I love lemon!

And below are some macarons using Italian meringue - see how much smoother they look compared to the French macarons? I make both French and Italian meringue macarons... they both taste yummy, although I have regular customers who insist on the grainy and gerutu French macs!

And lastly... a shot of my colours. I use gel food colouring for my bakes. These colour up my kitchen! so glad I am finally getting a blog post out! Till then!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

This crazy thing called baking!

It's been crazy! I've been baking six out of seven nights in a week and the orders keep coming in! And how do I say no, especially to repeat customers who have been so sweet (you know who you are!) I've had little time to write up a blog post, but tonight I just have to ~ Soraya, this is for you! :)

A short one, as I have to go bake some six dozen macarons, four dozen carrot cupcakes and 2 dozen red velvet cupcakes for tomorrow. It may not be a big amount for professional homebakers (now, isn't that an oxymoron?!) but for a part-time baker like me, it is! I haven't been snapping photos of my bakes either and the ones above are some that I managed to take in the past week.

Have a good week ahead!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Friday!

A short's wishing you a happy happy Friday! It's my firstborn's 12th birthday today - on request, she brought red velvet cupcakes to school. She has invited 10 of her friends to come over tomorrow and mommy still haven't the slightest idea what to do coz' mommy has been extremely occupied meeting the orders of the MAD deal. Whatever it is I do, I sure hope she won't be too dissapointed. Looks like no sleep tonight!

I'm posting these photos of the macs I baked this morning, 2am till the time came to go to work...some are for a hantaran order, some for MAD pick-up later today. I love the colours!

Ok, gotta go attend that meeting!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

For the things that matter...

I spent my Saturday baking, baking and more baking for my wonderful newfound customers. The exposure given to me by milkadeal was quite overwhelming. Not only were they placing orders for the deal, they were also enquiring about this and that, and placing orders for my macarons and wanting them the next morning or even the same afternoon! Some wanted to know if they could drop by my shop. What shop?? hehe...

Another who ordered a box of macarons asked me 30 minutes before pick-up time if I could bake her another box. It was quite funny to me...I told her making macarons are not like making pisang goreng! (banana fritters). LOL.

 But it was all worth it for so far, all of my customers are just so sweet...just like the macarons they ordered!

And while I was busy baking, and the kids were in school at their extra classes, I grabbed a book my BFF recently gave me for Mother's Day - Words That Matter: Everyday truths to guide and inspire, published by The Oprah Magazine.

A book of quotes and Aha Moments, I like them all...but here are some I'd like to share wth you:

"To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given the chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life."
--- Bette Davis, actress

Ms. Davis sure was talking to me then, hehe...sweat over lonely labor; she can't be more right about how I was yesterday! But I so love being given the chance to create...I don't mind lonely labor!

Another that I like:

"The only courage you ever need is the courage to live your heart's desire."
---Oprah Winfrey

And one more, one more!

"Try more things. Learning to swim won't stop you from reading Shakespeare. Finding your voice won't stop you from writing novels. You should be cooking from all four burners."
---Breena Clarke, novelist

And so, as I was arranging the macarons in their little boxes, I feel good about following my heart's desires and cooking from perhaps not all four yet, but definitely more than one burner.