Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb Macs!

Phewhhh!! After about an hour trying, I finally managed to get signed into! Amost given up but managed to type this just in time for February's Mac Attack.

I don't celebrate Valentine's Day but February is a momentous month for me as I did get engaged on 14 February, 14 years ago; my second daughter was born on the 3rd; and a life-changing event also happened on 21 February, four years ago. It is a special month indeed.

So here are my macs! I experimented with color this time - lots of red and they turned out to be reddish pink! I wanted a deep red macarons but was afraid too much coloring (I only have liquid) would water down my meringue.

The filling is my favorite of all time - coconut cream, made of white chocolate ganache and dessicated coconut. The cream coloured filling was added with red tint (my daughter insisted!) - they don't provide a nice contrast between shells and filling, but they will do!


  1. Wow these are gorgeous. Love the pearls in the photos.

  2. What beautiful macarons. My daughter would have insisted on extreme pinkness too :) They look very perfect for the Feb theme.

  3. These are absolutely stunningly perfect macs and truly romantic. It is a wonder not that you don't celebrate V Day even though you got engaged on V Day! How romantic! And coconut cream filling? I've been dreaming of that. Too delicious. Glad you baked along with us this month!

  4. Love these! And the pearls are such a nice touch.
    Happy February (since it's a special month for you)!

  5. I'm such a sucker for pearls--and macarons! Such a picture-perfect post, too. February is your special month. Celebrate with love and macs!