Monday, March 28, 2011

Sweet, Spicy and Fruity : Cinnamon Macarons with Durian Ganache for MacTweets!

This month's MacAttack on MacTweets is Sugar and Spice and Everything...Fruity!! These are definitely SWEET, with a hint of spice and FRUUUIITY!!

I am not a big fan of spice in my desserts, save for hints of allspice and cinnamon. It took me a long long while to come up with a choice of spice in my macs and... boring old me stuck to cinnamon! Having said that, I knew I wanted to have Durians as my fruity filling and since they're in season, here I am featuring South East Asia's King of Fruits! The sweet and succulent fruit"s distinct taste perks up each bite!

For those who have never seen the durian fruit, here they are:

Photo of durian taken from here...

Durians - you either love and are crazy over them, or you don't. The fruit comes with a strong, sweet and fragrant (to those who love them, like me) aroma. On the contrary, those who loathe them think they smell like a bad stench. To each their own. Truly, they are real gems and no other fruits comes close to or have similar qualities to durians.

These macs are really sweet!! The white chocolate ganache, added with the sweet and soft durian flesh makes such creamy filling!!


  1. Oh my - this is a first for me! Durian macarons! I love durians, so these sound absolutely delicious :D

    I'm super glad I stumbled upon your blog through Mactweets - I'm always glad to find another Malaysian blogger :) Your macarons looks superb, btw!

  2. Hi Janine! thanks for leaving a comment - the feeling is mutual :)

  3. laling...i cant stand durian, dont care if they the king of fruits, but am sure this are divine!:P

  4. Cinnamon Durian? How fantastic and exotic. Such beautiful macarons. Wow!

  5. Great great pairing and absolutely PERFECT! These are amazingly beautiful Tina, and an inspiration for mac lovers like me. Thank you for bringing them to MacTweets!

  6. Beautiful, I like the powderd shells!
    Never heard of soft durian!

  7. Wow, this is an exotic flavor of macarons. Durian and cinnamon have a good balance to each other. Love the spring time pastel color, too. Such pretty little feet on your macs!

  8. Omg. Durian macaroons. Wish I could try them :)