Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Portuguese Egg Tart

I love egg tarts, but had never tasted the famous Portuguese egg tart - one which uses puff pastry as the crust. For the past week, an ex-colleague has been posting and rambling about her love affair with Portuguese egg tarts from Bak*r's C*ttage on a social networking site. I was curious! I started looking for the recipe on the internet and found various kinds for making the custard; some uses milk, some whipping cream, some half and half and I even found one which uses condensed milk and evaporated milk! From my reading, I summed up that the custard is not unlike French pastry cream - my favourite filling! One constant thing I found in all recipes was that puff pastry was used. Store-bought puff pastry. Yippee!! :) Sounds easy...bake some egg tarts, I must!!

Before I baked my own tonight, earlier in the day a colleague volunteered to get some of 'em egg tarts from the bakery for us who have been salivating over the photos posted by our friend. They were delicious! More reason for me to try bake some on my own!

I finally settle on this recipe, because the writer, Andrea Nguyen did some thorough research on this dessert and provided some interesting background - I like food that can tell a story! Please visit the link provided for the recipe and how-to.

The custard recipe was enough for 10 egg tarts for me. For the puff pastry, I used Kawan brand puff pastry squares. I just needed five sheets which I halved to get 10 tart base. Go to the recipe link I provided above for the how-to.

I like this recipe's filling - I used half a cup of milk and half a cup of heavy cream. They are very creamy indeed! But I prefer Bak*r's Cottag*'s puff pastry crust slightly better though. Still, these were delicious and an easy dessert to be made and served warm out of the oven for your guests.

Happy baking!


  1. hi kak tina..
    sedap nye blog akak.. xde buat class ke? :)

  2. dear daring baker..glad u finally find time to try out new recipes...inspiring tarts dear!

  3. Zaty, thanks for visiting! no lah..takde buat class... bukan pro pun, syok sendiri! :)

  4. Sheema, good to see you here! thank I wanna do egg tarts with pie crust pulak! you inspire me too! :)