Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Hello I'm back!

Hello there! Those of you reading...I'm back after a hiatus. Things happen... life got in the way, so blogging took a back seat! Can't say I don't miss blogging though!

I leave you with some photos taken since the last time I was here. There are many more bakes which did not have the opportunity to pose for the camera...there just wasn't enough time for photo shoots! And then I thought I had misplaced my micro lens...but recently found it in my daughter's handbag!!

So I shall leave you with these - the macaron tower above was for a hantaran. A customer liked it so much that she asked me to replicate it for her Eid open house (below).

Macarons and more macarons...these photos are the decent ones. Most of the time I bake at night and the lighting is terrible, so I chose not to post them here hehe...

These ones below were taken in the afternoon. Natural light is always the best!

I received quite a lot of carrot cake orders for Eid..here are two of them...

And below, macarons photos taken in the evening. No amount of photoshopping will rectify the bad lighting! arrrghhh...

Till then... write you soon!