Monday, May 24, 2010

Baking With Dorie: Tender Shortcakes

This was a very special bake for me as it was my maiden Baking with Dorie bake!! Susi from Susi's Kochen Und Backen Adventures chose this recipe (pgs 423 & 424). Thank you, Susi!!

BWD was introduced to me by my friend Jenny, who is a member of another baking group, TWD. And since TWD is now a closed group, she suggested that I join BWD, whose co-founder's blog Needful Things she stumbled upon.

The rest is history and here I am baking along my first bake!

This was my first time baking shortcakes (so many firsts, huh?? hehe) and the likes of it i.e scones and biscuits. I was a little intimidated at first as I am no great baker, and have only started baking as a hobby about a year and a half ago.

But reading Dorie's recipe soon calmed me down. It appeared simple enough for me to attempt, there were no complicated steps and the ingredients were pretty basic. It was actually very very easy!!

These biscuits were tender, but perhaps mine were not flaky enough. They were light and not dense but I was left searching for that flaky texture that Dorie described in her book (on pg 20, "flakiness is the hallmark of great biscuits and scones). Mine were pale, golden, cracked, cratery, raggedy and crumbly - yes. But not quite flaky!! I did handle my dough with enough 'neglect' as advised though. I am curious to know if the other BWD bakers had the flakiness quality about this shortcakes.

Having said that, the lack of flakiness had in no way interfered with how these tasted. I wouldn't say mine were awesome, but they were good - especially when eaten with the lightly whipped cream and berries. I would say the accompaniments take the cake!! Thanks, Susi for picking this recipe. Thanks for being involved in one of my many 'firsts' ;-)

I made 3/4 of the recipe as I only had a small can of cream in the pantry, thus had to adjust the amount of the other ingredients. I made 15 small shortcakes and was happy to bring them on my visit to my sister's house. And as I had to make a stop at my mom's to take her along to sis', I was pressed for time and only managed to snap a few photos!

I'm looking forward to the next BWD bake!!


  1. Tina, what a great job! The shortcakes look lovely, especially the berry combination! Mine turned out tender and flaky and as you will see at midnight, when my post goes live, they look a little different from yours, which is what makes this group so much fun. Thanks for being part of it :o)

  2. Your shortcakes look wonderful.
    Mine were very flaky and crumbly & I even managed to burn my first batch :(
    I found these very hard to handle without breaking apart. Am just working on my post now & it will be up shortly.
    Thanks for baking along with us! :)

  3. @ susi... I am so glad you chose this and I will always remember my first shortcake bake, with BWD!

    @ grapefruit... mine were very crumbly too! these need very little time in the oven and I almost left them too brown in the oven as well!! it's my pleasure to bake along with you ladies :-)

  4. I think that crumbly is the word of the days. Mine were also. I held enough together to get photos.

    Smaller ones might have worked better.

    I like the two berries in the filling. It looks pretty and I know they taste great together.

    Is your cream whipped or plain? It looks just right.

  5. hi there sweet and savory... yup, crumbly they were!! the cream was whipped.. but maybe not thorough enough and also as I was rushing to go out, the warm shortcakes may have melted it... it wasn't the effect I was going for but thanks for thinking it looks just right ;-)

  6. Shortcakes or yummycakes? Looks divine, esp. with the berries and whipped cream! I've never made shortcakes and don't have any idea how the texture should turn out. Coincidentally, this is also on TWD's June bakes!
    So glad you're having fun and loving Dorie's recipes! You'll love her in person too, I'm sure. Bake on Tin!!