Thursday, May 27, 2010

Peace, love and a happy tummy

Yes, I agree with Dorie's neighbour that the world would be a more peaceful and happier place if everyone had one of these everyday. I'd just like to add that it'll also be a much heavier place, no doubt!! Happier, and heavier!! Or at least just heavier around the area where I live, as I just can't stop eating these!!

I think this is the best cookies I've baked so far - much more superior than the chockablock cookies I baked several weeks ago. This time is was perfect!! In the beginning, I was a little afraid I might be dissapointed as I kinda suck at baking cookies. Cakes, I can manage - but I never seem to get the right freshly crisp texture I love in a cookie. I've baked from friends and family's fav recipes, but I always get dissapointed with the way mine turns out. But not anymore!!

Two of my best buddies have tried making these before and they loved it, but somehow I wasn't very convinced as:
1. I suck at cookies
2. the appearance of the cookies isn't anything to shout about

But I guess, never judge a book by its cover!! And never judge a cookie by its appearance (or lack of).

These cookies are just the way I like mine - crisp and crunchy and oh! so chocolatey. I am not a fan of chewy cookies. These are so so good!! My greediness led me to prepare 2 batches of dough and boy, am I glad!! And of course, I couldn't wait 3 hours for the rolled up and wrapped dough to be refrigerated (Dorie says to shape the dough in logs, wrap them in plastic and refrigerate for at least 3 hours) - I baked 9 cookies immediately after I was done with the recipe. And it was heavenly.

I followed the recipe to a tee - except I used dark couverture chocolate instead of bittersweet and mountain salt from the Himalayas instead of fleur de sel. I love the sandy texture and the saltiness which brings out the best of the chocolate.

I also experimented by adding some chopped almonds (as I love nuts in cookies) - see photo below. They are great too, but I love them more without the nuts. I shouldn't have tried to mess up Pierre Hermé original recipe - who am I kidding, right?? 

Have no doubt about these cookies and bake them today - they're at page 138-139 of Dorie's Baking From My Home To Yours. It is also available online. Here's the recipe in metric measurement - Dorie's been so kind to convert it for us. But do buy the book - it's just so worth it!! 


  1. Tina, these cookies look like they could be my downfall. As far as a chocolate cookie goes, yours look perfect :o) Wonderful pictures too! I will have to bookmark them and bake them for my kids during summer break.

  2. These are really good and I haven't stopped making them since I discovered it! I like the first photo a lot. Nice.

  3. Susi, this was love at first bite for me... and the love affair just started!! really, really yummy!!

  4. Jenny, my on again, off again follower ;-) but forever friend :D

    At times I wish I did not discover them... they're simpy too good!! (but bad for the waistline!!)

  5. Love, love - LOVE your photos! You need to give me lessons.
    These cookies are awesome, I completely agree.

  6. I am taking your cookies off the screen, they look so good. You are one great baker.

    I made these and liked them but I like most of Dorie's recipes. I have to check out your banana cake. I just made it also.

  7. grapefruit... thank you... I like these photos too :) I'm not consistent in producing good-looking photos, though... sometimes I'm even ashamed to admit I took some of them!! and i'd like to blame it on my basic point and shoot ;)

  8. chaya... you're just too kind with your words!! This is indeed the best cookies I've ever made!! don't we just love Dorie??