Monday, June 7, 2010

Baking With Dorie: Lemon Cup Custard

This was my first time making my own custard from scratch and they turn out to be very very easy!! The ingredients were minimal too, but yet I was still intimidated in the beginning, by just looking at the preparation steps one needed too make. I guess the bulk of my anxiety was from the fact that I didn't think my cups would stand the oven temperature, but I'm so glad they did!!

Like Grapefruit wrote in her blog on this recipe here, I had read how the TWD bakers had an issue with the egginess of this recipe, but that did not cause me much concern, as I am ok with egg... in fact, as I'm writing this, I recall that the taste of this lemon custard is very similar to the custard on my favourite store-bought egg tarts (which I can now bake myself, yeay!!).

The truth is, these custards ARE eggy. I let my daughter have the first taste and immediately after having a spoonful, she muttered, telur - which means egg. I then had a taste... the texture, not the taste caught my tastebud first. It was smooth, almost like soft tofu!! It was mildly sweet with a lemony flavour... not bad at all. Oh, let me tell you we had these when it was warm. Later, after having refrigerated them, my daughter asked for some... had a taste and asked me to warm them up. I must agree that they taste better warm!!

I made one half recipe lemon and the other one half, the orange and star anise version.

This version is wonderful too... the subtle orange and spice flavor is very familiar, yet I still can't recall where and when, and in what food I've had a similar taste of these before. My kids preferred the lemon version though. This may be the gourmet version of the simple cup custard.

Thanks, Grapefruit for picking out this recipe. I can now proudly say I know how to make my own custard and may make these again when entertaining. I will however, use very tiny cups just in case my guests can't stand too much egginess!! ;-)


  1. Looks wonderful! I'm so glad you did a lemon version because so far no one else has (still waiting to see Elizabeth & Jennifer's posts)
    And you tried the orange-anise version too! Did you like it better than the lemon?

  2. They look beautiful. Who thought custard had so much to offer.

    I made vanilla, not one of the choices, but oh so delicious. It was not eggy but I only ate it warm which was great. I couldn't wait and only made two cups.

    Based on what you said, I have to try those lemon.

  3. grapefruit -- I think I like the lemon version better!! nothing wrong with the orange star anise, I just love lemon :D he lemon flavor was very subtle, though.. having said that, I also think the orange star anise version was less eggy (whch is is good!!) ;-)

  4. chaya -- I had them warm and tried some refrigerated, but much prefer the former :D yes, do try the lemon version... oh, I'm so glad you didn't think they were eggy :D next time I may use smaller sized eggs maybe..

  5. Those look great! I love lemon as well and will be making these this afternoon. Can't wait to try this!!

  6. Now you're making me want to do the lemon version! ;-)

  7. These look beautiful. Like creamy sunshine!

  8. Sweety it looks so tempting ;) I might just try it later