Sunday, June 27, 2010

Classic Brownies

I made these quick and easy to prepare, loved by all brownies yesterday. It had a unanimous vote when I asked the six tween girls (two of them mine) if they wanted cupcakes or brownies for treats upon completing their school homework. All of them shouted at the same time, "BROWNIES!!".

Now, who doesn't like brownies...they come in various textures - fudgy, gooey and cakey - a cross between a chocolate cake and a cookie.

These were adapted from Dorie Greenspan's Classic Brownies recipe, on page 88-89 of Baking, From my home to yours. I followed the recipe as is, but omitted the optional expresso powder. They were brownie-licious!!

Now, as I was preparing my brownies, BFF called to see if they could drop by and I quickly measured the ingredients for a second batch... you can never have too much brownies!!

The six girls came back from their swim in the pool and devoured 'em brownies... and since I made two batches and did not want to have so many leftovers in the house, I put four brownies each in plastic bags to send home with each girl. This morning, I made another batch (yes, that's batch #3) as my daughters said they only had two yesterday and wanted to enjoy some some more. I later sent half of the batch through my daughter for her friend (daughter received invitation to join friend's family for lunch and movie to celebrate her birthday).

I have six brownies left on the kitchen top and have been on my best behavior not to go near them!! :)


  1. It was wicked :) thank god you did not pack some for me. I rate this the best brownie I ever had :) 10/ 10

  2. you know, I wanted to!! but was afraid there would'nt be enough for the girls to take home.. you saw how excited they were :) I want to try the other brownie recipes in the book..they look awesome!!

  3. Am attempting the one attributed to Hepburn :)

  4. Come bake again and do the Sunday Market :)

  5. These look so fudgy & good!
    Now you're making me crave brownies and it's only 6:30 a.m.!