Sunday, July 11, 2010

Chewy, Chunky Blondies

I love making simple desserts, especially so on a lazy weekend. And these are effiortless!!

Brownies are about the simplest thing to bake and their counterpart, Blondies are equally undemanding too. Their not called Chewy, Chunky Blondies for nothing - the addition of choc chunks, coarsely chopped walnuts, coconut and in this case white chocolate chunks (the original recipe called for butterscoth chips or Heath Toffee bits) make this such a chewy delight.

I halved the recipe and thus shortened the baking time to 20 minutes. My cake tester was clean when I inserted it into the middle of the pan, but I wanted my blondies to turn more golden brown as the recipe stated and left it in the oven for another three minutes. Still, I think these are just a tad bit underbaked - Dorie's looked  much dryer in the book. Nevertheless, they are chewy and chunkylicious buttery goodness!! 

The recipe is from page 109 from Baking from my home to yours.


  1. I've been wanting to bake these! They look so, so good - and now I have no excuse to wait and try these out!

  2. I just made some brownies last night and now I'm definitely going to try out these! The magic words here were coconut and walnuts! YUMS!

  3. grapefruit: wait no more!! a twist to the classic brownies :)

    redha: they taste pretty amazing too... so buttery.. TAKUTTTTTTTT!!!! LOL

    shahieda: try them... the recipe is easily searchable online, but let me know if you need it!!