Monday, July 12, 2010

Melting Moments: a melt-in-your-mouth shortbread

I realized that ALL of the bakes I've featured on this blog came from Baking from my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan. Yes, I am a Dorie fan ever since I was introduced to her by a dear friend. But I DO own other baking and cookbooks, those which I have acquired myself or given to me by family and friends (70% given by family and friends - thank you!! :-D)

This melt-in-your-mouth shortbread is a recipe from The Perfect Afternoon Tea Book by Anthony Wild and Somona Hill. I bought this book a couple of months back when I was looking for ideas to host an all-ladies afternoon tea party. I love the book!! It not only contain 70 recipes for tea-time treats which include biscuits, cakes and pastries, it is also laden with 270 GORGEOUS photographs of classic English tea party. I LOVE IT!! Also in the book is a historical introduction to the English afternoon tea, tea party etiquette and the art of brewing tea. Need I say more? :) Just the kind of book I love to browse through when in need of some inspiration.

Alright then. Since this post is about the cookie and not the book, I'll go ahead and describe the shortbread :)True to its name, the flaky shortbread melts in your mouth while the coating of rolled oats give it a nice crunchy surface. This is the best butter cookies I've attempted so far and is definitely a keeper!!


  1. Oh dear! Here's another recipe to add to my list of 'to bakes.' See, I'm a sucker for shortbread too :D

    The photography is stunning as usual!

    There's a biscuit I also love making that looks similar to this one. It's called coconut nests. The difference, is the biscuit is dipped in egg white and then rolled in fine, dessicated coconut.

  2. Shahieda: I was so happy that this turned out so so good..way beyond my expectations!! you see, i suck at baking cookies!! :P so when they turned out flaky and crispy, it made my day!!

    I didn't include the recipe here due to copyright issues but will be happy to share it with a friend :) and yup.. i was thinking of varying the same dough recipe by rolling them in desicated coconuts or nestum. yumms!!

  3. Subhanallah, yummilicious :) I love shortbreads with jams, plain, rolled in oats and coconut or throw in the raisins. Feeling pretty down with the weather but this sure pick up my spirit. Jazakallah khair my dear :)

  4. redha: hope you get well soon, my dear!! now i know what treats to share next time :)