Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mac Attack: Pistachio Sprinkled Macarons for Falling for Macarons...It's Fall!

I've wanted to participate in the MacTweets Challenge for a couple of months now, and finally...here I am!!

I am so glad to have 'made' it this month of November, with the MacAttack #13...Falling for Macarons ... It's Fall!

For those who don't know, it's summer all year round where I live so you could say I had to use my imagination and memories of the four Fall seasons I experienced during my college years in the US to soak in the Fall mood for this challenge.

Coincidentally, Fall was my favorite season!! I love the warmly colored autumn foliage of greens, yellows, orange and reds. This inspired my pumpkin-colored macarons sprinkled with pistachios (love the green!).

Pistachio sprinkled macarons with chocolate ganache filling

The macaron madness has definitely caught on me and I'm so glad I found the MacTweets blog and looking forward to future MacTweets challenges!!


  1. They look like little pumpkins with a pistachio stem. How beautiful!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Lora!! I'm pretty emotional about my macs!! haha

  3. Beautiful vibrant colors! Your macarons are perfect, like you have been an expert mac-maker for many seasons now. May you have more successes for future MacAttack challenges!

  4. Oh Lora is so right! They look like pumpkins! These are perfect little beauties and so perfect for that autumn that we all love best! So happy you found and joined our Mac Kitchen and looking forward to more of your beautiful macs!

  5. Wow! I love these! And your photos are wonderful! Watch out - I'm going to go 'macaron-ing' soon next month as well! ;-)
    Can't wait to try out my first macaron!

  6. HI Cookery: thank you *blush* ;) I sure hope I won't have anymore macawrongs from now on! hehe

    Jamie: thank YOU for MacTweets!! looking forward to many more MacAttacks!!

    Grapefruit: I'm all excited for you!! can't wait!

  7. These are just right. The colors say autumn -fall. The came out perfectly. A fabulous choice for the fall.

  8. Such beautiful feet...and yes they look like pumpkins!So perfect

  9. Tina , i feel like its summer all year round here:-(
    Saffron i love , what saffron do u use?
    U have done a very pretty job and oh so creatively too, to give some beauties here!
    I lovvvee the pairing and ur pretty little feet!
    M yet to try my first Mac too:-)

  10. Love love love your gorgeous macs Tina, and love that you love fall. You went to town with these fiddly creatures, and came out with winners! Great colours and great flavours too! Thank you for joining us with 'fall' in every frame this MacAttack. fall is one of my fave seasons too!