Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baking With Dorie: Sablés

 According to Dorie, the Sablés that we made this week is "the master recipe" adapted when she "learned to make sablés in Paris working with some of the city's best pâtissier". Wow!! How can one pass trying out this recipe!

This week's recipe was chosen by Laurie of Cookin' up North. You may find the recipe posted on her blog here or page 131 of Baking from my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan.
I made half the recipe and ended up with one log and about 20 cookies. They are buttery and sandy and my eldest daughter can't get enough of it! Mine turned out golden brown although Dorie's sablés look creamy and pale. We love them anyways! And they make your kitchen smell super terrific too!!

The bejeweled log. So pretty!!

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  1. You know how to make pretty, gorgeous, lovely, fantastic and more. I would be proud to serve these.

  2. Sure , ur totally rite , we coudnt pass this recipe for anything!
    My were a little browner too , but then i baked them at a very low temp for longer to get them crisper:-)
    Sure , aint suprised ur daughter loved them :-) i did too , they are so melt in ur mouth and cool to take in ur food box to college too , soon everybody wants what ur munching on:-)
    loveeee the pink sugar :-)Pink is my v fav color except that at Christmas time it get reder and greener:-)
    And urs sure look lovely!

  3. what a generous compliment!! thanks, Chaya! Laurie picked a great recipe to be served for the holidays!

  4. Mia, I baked mine at less than the recommended 17-20 mins yet they turned golden brown, not that I'm complaining..they don't look too bad though I would love to get the look of Dorie's sables in the future.

    Yes, red and green for the holidays - I made do with the pink colored decorative sugar I already have in my kitchen!! :)

  5. They are absolutely perfect! So pretty!

  6. Love the pink sugar! How I wish now that I had used sugar instead of dealing with a melted candy debacle! ;-)