Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mac Attack: Ginger Coffee Macs with French Pastry Cream

For December's Mac Attack Challenge, Mac Tweeters went Savory Sweet for the holidays!! It took me quite awhile to complete the challenge and I scrambled to post this on time! I had a few options which I kept in mind and this included chili macs, curry macs and allspice macs among others. I was also intriqued by Jamie's suggestion to prepare the macs as hors d’oeuvres (isn't that interesting?). After much deliberation, I went with Ginger (a feisty spice) and Coffee (a perfect flavor for cold winter days) with French Pastry Cream filling (a sweet and sophisticated custard perfect for the holidays - or so I imagine - I don't celebrate Christmas and its summer all year round here!!)        
So here they are - my Ginger Coffee Macs with French Pastry Cream. I think I may have added too little ginger powder in the dry ingredients as the spice isn't really noticeable, although they blended quite well with the coffee to cut down the sweetness of the crust. Add French Pastry Cream and voila!! Everything tastes better with French Pastry Cream (I'm biased!).

Happy Holidays everyone!!

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  1. Ginger and coffee. Just yum. And such pretty macs too!

  2. Your macarons look absolutely perfect!

  3. What an intriguing combination Tina...who would have thought? How absolutely charming and delicious these look. Our apologies that we stopped by so late. It's wonderful to have you at MacTweets. Thank you for bringing these to the savoury sweet party!! They are amazing!

  4. Love, love, love the combination of ginger, coffee, and pastry cream - a french patisserie in a macaron! Plus, they look divine! Beautifully done!

  5. Thank you Lora, Rebecca, Deeba and Lisa!! I was impressed with and inspired by all of your macs!! so beautifully done!! love being a part of MacTweets!