Saturday, January 22, 2011

Aneka Kuih Melayu

Pulut Inti ~ steamed glutinous rice with coconut milk, topped with shredded coconut in palm sugar and wrapped in banana leaf

Serimuka Durian ~ steamed glutinous rice base, with top layer of durian flavoured coconut milk-based custard.

Talam Berlauk ~  a savoury dessert of rice flour and coconut milk custard, topped with slightly spicy shredded dried shrimp and garnished with fried shallots, sliced chili and spring onion.

Talam Suji ~ semolina custard base and coconut milk and palm sugar custard top.

NO - I did NOT make all of the above, but a dear friend, Sheema did!! For the benefit of non-Malay speaking readers, the title Aneka Kuih Melayu means Variety of Malay Desserts. Well, desserts may not exactly represent what kuih is because we eat kuih not just for desserts, but for breakfast, tea and everything in between.

I was the beneficiary of these wonderful treats at a birthday outing for our dear friend today. I have no clue how to make any of them!! I do intend to learn and have made a resolution to attempt more traditional Malay cakes and desserts this year. I'll need a LOT of help from my friend Sheema, I'm sure!!

I hope you enjoyed the photos!!


  1. awesome pics tina...m truly flattered to see my humble cakes being appreciated in such a way.. thnx tina..hope yr viewers enjoyed looking at them as much as i do perhaps hv some interest to know more abt tradional malay cakes n desserts

  2. Sheema, my dear!! thank you for these lovely kuihs - they taste as good as they look, if not better!! looking forward to share more Malay cakes here!

  3. Oh wow, they all look so good! Serimuka with durian? Sounds so delicious. I don't think I've ever had talam berlauk before, looks a little bit like the Chinese/ Nyonya yam kueh but that version doesn't contain coconut milk. Looking forward to more kuih muih :)