Monday, January 17, 2011

Baking with Dorie: Apple-Coconut Family Cake

Apple. Coconut. Family. Cake. Sounds inviting, doesn't it?

My kids looked forward to this bake as they loved the Brown Sugar Bundt Cake from Dorie which I made using apples. I've made the cake a few times already based on their request and now they seem to associate apples in a cake with yumminess.

They didn't quite fancy this cake, however. I think there could be too much apple in the cake (I used very large apples) which made it very very moist, rather soft and you can say slightly mushy, not that it is a bad thing in a cake - just not to the kids' liking. With only a small slice gone from the whole cake, I took it to work the next day to a very appreciative lot. I think this is a cake for grown-ups :)

This week's BWD was chosen by the talented Mia of Bright Morning Star. Hop over to Mia's blog or page 214 of Dorie Greenspan's  Baking from my home to yours for the recipe.

I followed the recipe thoroughly but instead of brushing the baked product with apple jelly which I didn't have, I smothered some raspberry jam on it. I must say the cake does have the 'family' cake look, whatever that's supposed to be!! :)


  1. AM sorry the children didn like it :-(
    Bdw , my cake was a little mushy too:-) , i thought it was under baked and baked it a little more , the 45 mins were simply not enough and i baked mini :-)
    That means i baked for almost double the time.
    Ur cake looks very pretty !
    I did wonder what family cake is too , i thought it might be a ''simple homely'' cake , lol!
    Thannxx a ton for baking my choice:-))

  2. Hi Mia! I think the cake was meant to be soft, fruity and mushy somewhat - my skewer was totally dry when I did the skewer test!! that said, it IS a tasty cake - the apples and coconuts blended well to give it feel-good taste to it. Thanks for choosing this recipe!

  3. Ok, what did I do wrong because my cake is not mushy at all! Rather I got very soft, moist mini-cakes. Hmm. ?
    That said - your cake looks very rustic & appealing.
    Thanks for baking with us this week!

  4. Grapefruit, no-mush is good!! I think mine went mushy because I chopped my apples really well, and they were meant to be cubed!

  5. I also got a perfect textured cake like Grapefruit. This is one of our favorites and that a lot considering how many wonderful recipes, Dorie has.

    Your cake looks luscious and yummy and I would like a piece.

  6. Raspberry jam sounds good on top. My hubby LOVED this cake, it's almost gone already!

  7. The cake looks lovely! Too bad it was a bit mushy- I didn't put as much apple into mine for fear of that...