Monday, April 11, 2011

Baking with Dorie: Bill's (not-so) Big Carrot Cake!

My two-layer cake may not be as big and tall as Bill's, but I bet you they taste just as good!! And for that, thanks to Dorie's friend, the late jeweler Bill Bartholomew.

And because Bill's cake look so HUGE in the photo, I opted to make half a recipe. Or so I planned. I measured everything in half - sifted the dry ingredients, chopped the walnuts, grated the carrots bla bla bla. Put 3/4 cups of sugar into a big bowl (a half recipe would require 1 cup, but I decided to reduce the sugar further) and then poured the canola oil in. Oooooopppppssss... instead of half a cup for half the recipe, I poured a full cup for a full recipe!! and I really didn't realise the mistake I made in measuring the oil until I became suspicious of the runny oil and sugar mixture. I'm just so glad I realised that before adding the other ingredients! I tell you, this has happened to me a few times before!

The plan was to make half the recipe into cupcakes to bring along when I visit my BFF who had a son last week. But I am SO glad I had to make a full recipe because the carrot CAKE and the carrot CUPCAKES tasted somewhat different! Same recipe, but the texture is more pronounced and much better enjoyed as a slice of cake! Mine was very nutty - I omitted raisins and doubled the amount of walnuts.

I sooped out 24 minis and used the rest of the batter to make two 7-inch cakes. I also reduced the amount of icing sugar in the cream cheese frosting by half - they were already very sweet! I gave some of the cupcakes to my two neighbours and took the cake to BFF's.

This cake is sooo sooo good!! Thanks to Rebecca of Beurrista for choosing the recipe this week for BWD. Check out the rest of my fellow BWD'ers entry this week here. After all this time, I'm still so in love with my Baking From My Home To Yours!


  1. Yours looks delicious! I also had an incident making mine, hehehehe. Read about it on my blog :D

  2. Lucky you to get both a cake and cupcakes out of the recipe. Enjoy.

  3. Lovely photos! I make those mistakes in measuring ALL the time and often have to then make the whole recipe because I messed up :-S

    Thanks for baking with us this week!

  4. You just described what always happens to me too! I always halve my recipes but forgot to halve some ingredients and my bakes turn out to be flops cos I don't realize until I have the batter in the oven! =X

  5. This is sure an overloaded walnut carrot cake! Sedaaaaapnya. How different is this cake with any other recipe Tina? Coz carrot cakes recipes are all quite similar kan? Did you include the shredded coconut? I slalu takut nak letak coz takut the kids tak suka and I end up finishing them all to myself. Tak tau mana dah nak letak flab2 kat tush ni.