Monday, April 4, 2011

Macs and a new toy = a self-confessed, self-indulgent post!

After drooling for quite sometime now looking at photos taken with DSLRs, I finally got myself one last Friday!

Yup, been taking my bake photos using a low-end Canon point and shoot - up until last December when my screen went berserk on me and I've since then been borrowing my 12-year old daughter's Canon PowerShot! Not anymore! :P

And among my first subjects were my favourite confectionery at the moment - sweet macarons!

I had quite a bit of macarons order over the weekend and true to the title of this post, here are some photos of my macs taken with my new toy - totally self-indulgent, totally loving it! If you're still reading this, bear with me, will ya!

 Matcha macarons, straight out of the oven!

Macarons in assorted colors - pink ones are flavored with rose; yellow ones to be filled with lemon cream; peach ones to be filled with orange cream, tan-colored macs are coconut filled and purple ones with peanut butter and raspberry preserve...

Delphinium blue macs to be filled with blueberries!

I'm loving it!


  1. best kan kan kan...wait till you are hookd wt the lenses plak! love them three, you macs and the new toy>>>but i'd prefer mu nikon for whateva reason hehe!

  2. Yani, best best hehe...dok temgah jakun la ni muahahaha!! bagi chan chek knorrrrrr

  3. Awesome photography, Tina! I'm salivating looking at them coconut macarons :D

  4. wow the pictures look amazing, but i think mainly because your macarons are sooo gorgeous!

  5. hi akak.. blh tahu akak ddk kat mn? how to order from you ek? mcm nk order macaroons..

  6. I am salivating, one for the camera and the other for the absence of successful mac making in my kitchen.

    Saya gagal saya gagal, tulun tulun.