Thursday, July 28, 2011

This and that...

Been doing a lot of French meringue macarons lately. The thing about my French mac; they are always grainy! I wish they aren't but those who are prefer them don't mind at all. The yellow, chocolate and hazelnut macs were a birthday gift!

And then there's Red Velvet again! Two RVs were ordered, referred to me by Kitchen Guardian - thanks, Yani! Two of the same three-layer RVs to indulge in for an office party.

Yes, I'm in love with French meringue macarons again! And I love it when the bottom doesn't stick to the baking paper! Makes life so much easier!

And below is to me one of the best tasting cakes that I bake - Boston Cream Pie - sponge cake with French pastry cream and chocolate ganache (yes, it's a cake with an identity crisis!) Thanks Soraya for ordering this and thanks for your understanding - the cake layers moved out of its place! I'm glad you think its yummy nevertheless... I sakit perot already ya know!! Next time no more three layers...just two!

 And more French macarons...

I'm so glad it's Friday tomorrow! Enjoy your weekend y'all!


  1. yummmyyyyy....sume fav kak cek...:)

  2. wow! you have been a busy baker. everything looks amazingly good :D

  3. Your macs are awesome. Really like the colors. I notice your shells do not have the condensation like mine does. It make the shells look 'wet'. How do you do it?

  4. cik cek... salam! selamat berpuasa and thanks for visiting my blog!

  5. Grapefruit... yeah, busy! till I mixed up or BWD bakes! :(

  6. ken bakes... hi there! when you say the 'wet look'..I assume you were referring to yours? (I hopped over to your blog - nice one you have and your macs are lovely too!) I find that when I do keep them in the fridge, they become very 'wet' especially with Italian meringue macs. Thus, I don't and I believe the humid weather here in Malaysia is enough to mature them overnight, even without the time in the fridge. Having said that, the French meringue macs seem to have better resistance towards being 'wet' if kept in the fridge. Hope that helps and bake more macs! :)