Monday, August 1, 2011


Kueh Raya? Heheheh... we've only been fasting for a day and here I am presenting you with an Eid cookie nominee!!

I love these cookies, or more aptly, sables. They have a deep chocolatey flavour and sandy in texture. I make them all year round - kids absolutely adore them and I dare you to stop at just one!

As in the previous year, I am taking (small) orders for this cookies, but I think your family will appreciate it more if you make them yourself to bawak balik kampung! Go here for the recipe. They are also known as World Peace Cookies - I wrote about them here.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make some today!


  1. Salam.
    Kak Tina I've baked this cookies twice and sooo in love with it...
    Nak tanya, mcmana akak buat untuk jadikan die sama size? Look so nice...

  2. dough sy, bila nak potong, hancur.... pls help me.
    thanx kak.

  3. Salam Dzah! sedap kaaan? rupa tiada but rasa sangat sedap! Dzah, look cookies pun tak sama size and yes, bila potong kadang2 dia kena tempek2 bagi nampak cantik balik! selalunya akak simpan dalam freezer...and then thaw about 10 mins before potong. the amount of thawing time pun main peranan..sometimes kalau dia terlalu keras dia pecah banyak... cuba lembutkan dia sikit dulu. good luck!

  4. I absolutely love these cookies- haven't made them in quite awhile and need to revisit this recipe.

    Lovely pictures, Tina!

  5. rebecca... they are really addictive!! make some soon :)

  6. Mia nanti nak buat cookie ni for mama ckp takut cz tak jadi mcm auntie tin punya..hope jadi cam2 gak..