Monday, August 8, 2011


I listed Pavlova as one of my to-do bakes for 2011 earlier this year, but I never got around to baking it... until I received an order from my favourite customer (ehem ehem tersedak tak you!) for a Pavlova for her hubby's birthday! I was excited but scared at the same time!

I did not have a recipe for Pavlova, so I went to my to-go site when looking for recipes or simply inspiration for bakes - Joy of Baking. It looked simply enough and I whipped it up while waiting for another customer to come collect her Red Velvet cake.

Click here for the recipe.

The recipe says to spread the meringue on the baking paper, but I knew mine was going to be a mess if I did that... so I cut a huge hole in my plastic piping bag and piped the meringue around the earlier drawn circle. I filled up the circle with the remainder of the meringue and tidied it with more piped meringue... they looked like clouds in my dreams!

photo below of the piped meringue before it went in the oven...

After about 70 minutes in the oven, it was done... but I kept it in the oven with the door ajar until it was ready to be garnished a few hours later.

Below is the final product, with dollops of whipped cream and fresh strawberries and kiwis. Thanks for the order, Soraya!

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