Sunday, May 15, 2011

For the things that matter...

I spent my Saturday baking, baking and more baking for my wonderful newfound customers. The exposure given to me by milkadeal was quite overwhelming. Not only were they placing orders for the deal, they were also enquiring about this and that, and placing orders for my macarons and wanting them the next morning or even the same afternoon! Some wanted to know if they could drop by my shop. What shop?? hehe...

Another who ordered a box of macarons asked me 30 minutes before pick-up time if I could bake her another box. It was quite funny to me...I told her making macarons are not like making pisang goreng! (banana fritters). LOL.

 But it was all worth it for so far, all of my customers are just so sweet...just like the macarons they ordered!

And while I was busy baking, and the kids were in school at their extra classes, I grabbed a book my BFF recently gave me for Mother's Day - Words That Matter: Everyday truths to guide and inspire, published by The Oprah Magazine.

A book of quotes and Aha Moments, I like them all...but here are some I'd like to share wth you:

"To fulfill a dream, to be allowed to sweat over lonely labor, to be given the chance to create, is the meat and potatoes of life."
--- Bette Davis, actress

Ms. Davis sure was talking to me then, hehe...sweat over lonely labor; she can't be more right about how I was yesterday! But I so love being given the chance to create...I don't mind lonely labor!

Another that I like:

"The only courage you ever need is the courage to live your heart's desire."
---Oprah Winfrey

And one more, one more!

"Try more things. Learning to swim won't stop you from reading Shakespeare. Finding your voice won't stop you from writing novels. You should be cooking from all four burners."
---Breena Clarke, novelist

And so, as I was arranging the macarons in their little boxes, I feel good about following my heart's desires and cooking from perhaps not all four yet, but definitely more than one burner.


  1. so yummy!!! cant wait to redeem the milkadeal voucher..and perhaps..I could order more from u soon..hehe

  2. I love it when you are so perky. Happy holiday, albeit one day but sure gives time for you to bake more for the deal.

  3. such beauties...rasa mcm nak seluk dario blog ni!

  4. Waaaahhhh! Another virtual friend who has become an overnight success, Alghumdulillah!

    Not to worry, that shop will be opening soon, Insha-Allah! Yours, Yani's, and not forgetting about mine *wink, wink*