Monday, May 9, 2011

Italian Meringue Macarons!

I have always used the French method when making my macarons, but when I saw KG's Italian method macarons and the step-by-step tutorial by Sue, I was, you can say...curious!! The shell looks much smoother than the French ones and it is more, for lack of a better word...durable! And so with words of encouragement from my mac-making buddy KG, I attempted the Italian method macs and yes, it came out beautifully!

But the question is....which ones are more tasty? Well, tastes are definitely a personal choice and I can't speak for the rest but for me, the French macarons win! I love how they are brittle and break easily in your mouth. These Italian ones are more cookie-like, but having said that, they are not hard at all - the shells have a little crunch that I believe some may take to their liking.

Still, I luv luv luv their smooth shells, something I have not been able to acquire successfully when making the French method. The only way for me to get a shiny smooth shell with a French method is if I were to overfold it, but the shells will be way too flat and wet inside and we don't want that! So, I don't mind the little spots on my macs and I hope you will not mind either! Milkadeal deal went on live this morning! For try-outs of My Domestic Bliss' bakes - hop on over to their site where you will get 4 carrot cupcakes and 6 macarons for RM16 for a limited period only (OMG was that hard sell or what??) LOL..I need some getting use to this!

Thanks for coming over this blog and have a nice day!


  1. Those macs look fabulous, Tina. You've perfected them, they're so perfect.

  2. yours is so perfect, unlike mine!and congrats to be in the mad deal hehe!

  3. Waaah, you've tried them too!! I'm going to give it a go this evening! LOVE, LOVE cup 'n saucer :D

  4. Hi to have your macs...can get the same price if order thru here? let me know...

  5. hi kak...
    mana nak beli cooking thermometer ye?
    area ampang?