Sunday, May 8, 2011

Proud to be a mom!

My daughters Maira & Misha, aged 12 and 10 respectively, knocked on my room door this morning when I was just getting out of the shower. They yelled out from outside, "come and have a look at your's ugly!". Yup, they were just as busy as I was in the kitchen this morning preparing a Mother's Day cake for me when I was making some macarons - using Italian meringue for the first time...wait for the post!!

I came out and saw a heart-shaped cake in bright red!! They were of course joking - the cake was beautiful!!

And, the best surprise was when I cut the cake. Have a look!!

more rainbow surprise...

Gorgeous, don't you think? These girls of mine are also into baking like their mommy. Their staple bakes are butter cake such as these (they sometimes throw in chocolate chips in the batter too) and French Yogurt Cake. And they make wonderful cakes too, mind you! They love to bake and bring them over to school for friends and teachers. I love it that they love to share their bakes. It's a big part of what makes baking wonderful.

To all the wonderful mommies out there, Happy Mother's Day!! Gotta run and take mommy's girls out for lunch :)


  1. wah..great job on the cake, girls!! clap2x..

    u're so lucky to have the two little baking enthusiasts!! happy mommy day!! ;D

  2. Oh those are just lovely! Pandainya the girls bake!!! I have yet to let my girl bake though she has been begging me to. Coz if she is in the kitchen, the little boy will want to bake too and the two of them don't get along well when power is at stake. So until the boy tu dah berakal sikit, then she will only get to use the oven. She is still recovering from the burn on her hand the last time she baked akibat berebut2 dgn adik la tu. grrrrr.

    Enjoy your day Tina!

  3. A Belated Mother's day to you, Tina! It's just awesome having the kids bake too, mommy's enthusiasm has rubbed off :D